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Large Desk Pad / Jotter

Large Desk Pad / Jotter

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The Executive A3 Desk Pad is THE perfect accompaniment for the busy office worker. How many times have you finished a phone call or Zoom call only to forget everything that was said? Using our Executive A3 Desk Pad means you can quickly take notes as you work so nothing important is forgotten.

The paper is premium quality and 100gsm which means it is also suitable for drawing too. In each pad, you get 50 sheets of paper. The cardboard backing also means that every sheet is usable, and you can even write on the backing too. Each sheet is also a standard A3 size which equates to measurements of 42x30cm.


  • Premium paper: The A3 paper is 100gsm which is relatively thick and high quality which means it is suitable for multiple types of writing and drawing equipment.
  • Large paper size: The 50 pages are A3 size or 42x30cm which means that they should last for ages before you need to move onto the next piece.
  • Great for notetaking: Use this pad to take notes during meetings, phone calls, and video calls.
  • Durable cardboard backing: The grey cardboard backing is sturdy but can also be written on.
  • Doodle-friendly: If you often find yourself doodling to concentrate, this pad is the perfect aid.
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